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Newburgh traffic ticket lawyer

In deciding what to do about a traffic ticket, you need to consider such things as:

  • the potential punishment that you face for the charged violation of law,

  • any possible defenses, justifications or mitigating circumstances,

  • the impact that the violation of law will have upon your privilege to drive,

  • whether a plea of guilty, or a finding of guilty, will impact any claims persons injured may have against you, or claims you may have against other parties,

  • the impact that the violation of law will have upon your automobile insurance,

  • the amount of energy, time and cost involved in contesting the charged violation,

  • the desirability, and cost, to retain an attorney to defend you and protect your rights.

A good course of action is to be polite and cooperate with the police officer who issues the traffic ticket. You may speak with the officer concerning the issuance of the traffic ticket (attempt to "talk your way out of it"), but bear in mind that any statement you give to the police officer can be used against you in a court of law. You will often be asked to sign the traffic ticket, which does not create any presumption that you are guilty. 

As soon as you can, write notes about the circumstances that lead up to the issuance of the traffic ticket while the events are still fresh in your mind. Include the time, the weather, the exact location, what the officer said to you, and what you said to the officer (even if you said some things you shouldn't have). Then begin to gather all the required information. You may want to ask an attorney for some advice, but if it is an ordinary ticket, and there are unlikely to be serious consequences, it often makes sense to pay the ticket and get on with your life.

If you learn that the proposed fine is affordable, the admission of guilt is not likely to be used in a lawsuit against you, and the impact upon your driving privilege inconsequential, you might decide to enter your guilty plea, pay the fine and continue your life. On the other hand, after weighing the consequences of an admission of guilt or a no contest plea or a finding of guilt after a trial with the cost and possibility of successfully defending against the charge, you might want to prepare to contest the traffic ticket in court. This decision must be based upon a careful analysis of the relevant facts and law governing the particular traffic ticket.

Newburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer John Cobb

Newburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer John Cobb

1. What services do you provide?

I do mostly criminal defense and civil rights prosecution for false arrest, false imprisonment, and police abuse cases.  This includes excessive force and the use of tasers and police dogs without provocation.  I also do administrative hearings - liquor license violations, DWI refusal hearings, and civil trials.

2. Please describe your work as a criminal defense lawyer:

This is most of my practice.  I really enjoy going to court, and I spend most of my time either in courtrooms or visiting prisoners at Orange County Jail.  Most judges like me, although I sometimes get into trouble for defending my clients too aggressively. Since most criminal defendants do not have a lot of money, I try to provide good basic services for the least possible expense.  I charge $99 for local criminal appearances, for example, no matter what the charges are.  Courts that are farther away cost the same, plus a mileage surcharge.

3. How do you handle traffic tickets?

Most speeding tickets can be pleaded down to a lesser charge, such as parking on the shoulder or a broken speedometer.  It really depends upon how bad the initial charge is, what your driving record is like, and the judge’s mood.  No lawyer can guarantee any results in a criminal case, but I have a good record.  Sometimes I get an outstanding result, such as dismissal or a no points conviction.  Other times we have to settle for a non-moving violation and a fine.  But I get very few complaints about how cases turn out.  It’s usually worth hiring a lawyer to handle even small matters, by the way, because the reduced fine and lesser conviction really helps keeps your insurance rates down.  Furthermore, judges almost never give a good deal to a defendant who is representing himself or herself - they just don’t know how to play the game, and the judge doesn’t have a lot of patience to teach them how to play.  Like in most professions, rookies generally don’t do very well.

4.  What makes a good police abuse/civil rights case?

We have a good record of winning and settling civil rights cases, but we’ve also lost our share.  Generally, a good case has the three following factors:  innocence, injury, and witnesses.  That is, you got seriously hurt, it was not the result of your own wrongdoing or stupidity, and there were other people who will testify about this.  It sounds simple - but most cases do not have all three factors.  That is why it is hard to win civil rights cases.  Judges don’t like them, because you are suing police officers, who are government employees just like the judge.  Juries don’t like them either, because they want to believe that police officers are basically good, honest, trustworthy people.  They don’t want to believe that cops acted maliciously, or were unfairly violent or cruel towards people in their custody.  If you want to convince a jury that a cop is liable for abuse, you really have to show up with a lot of evidence and make it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the abuse actually took place.

5. Why should somebody hire you as a lawyer?

We really enjoy helping our clients out, and I think we go the extra mile to provide value and good communication.  Most people hate lawyers because they cost a lot of money and don’t return phone calls.  So, we make sure we don’t charge a lot of money, and the office phone is also our home phone - this guarantees that we will answer your call.  Since we live upstairs from our office, we just can’t escape our clients.

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